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About Us:-

HalTor Automotives is dedicated to revolutionizing urban mobility with our high-performance, made-in-India electric cycles. Combining cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, we deliver reliable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. Join us in driving towards a greener, more sustainable future with HalTor Automotives – Powering the Future of Mobility.

Our Vision:-

At HalTor Automotives, our vision is to lead the transformation of urban transportation by becoming the premier provider of innovative, eco-friendly electric cycles. We aim to inspire a global shift towards sustainable mobility solutions, making clean, efficient, and accessible transportation a reality for everyone. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to quality, we envision a future where our electric cycles are the preferred choice for commuting, contributing to healthier lifestyles and a greener planet.

Our Team:-

Harsh Kudesia

(Founder & CEO)

Arun Kumar Singh


Ansh Kudesia

(MD - Managing Director)

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Customer Reviews:

five of five star level
five of five star level
five of five star level

~ Amit Singh

Best E-Cycle in this

price, it's features &

controls are amazing,

i really recommend all

To got for it.

~ Khushi Gargh

I used Hero electric cycle also but Hope by

Haltor automotives is the best in this price

segment nobody gives you this Quality.

~ Raj Kr. singh

Hope+ is amazing 😍

fabulous E-Cycle I recommend you all to go for Hope+

Thank You HalTor Automotives.

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